6 Spots for Outdoor Activities in Hattiesburg This Summer

spots for outdoor activities in Hattiesburg

Hattiesburg residents are fortunate enough to see the beauty of this great town all year long. When summer rolls around, they can also spend more time in nature. In fact, this summer is the perfect season to visit these spots for outdoor activities in Hattiesburg. With all the amazing locations to visit and activities to do, your summer is looking bright.

  • Grand Paradise Water Park. Put on some sunscreen, blow up your floaties, and get on your swimsuit—it’s time to get a taste of paradise at Grand Paradise Water Park. At this fun water park, you can swim, venture down waterslides, play in a water fort, and more.
  • Chain Park at Twin Forks. Hit your daily activities out of the park. How? By heading to Chain Park at Twin Forks. Packing a lunch, walking around in nature, and soaking in the sun—this is a wonderful place to spend the day.
  • Historic Downtown Walking Tour. You love living in Hattiesburg, but how much do you know about your town’s history? Take the Historic Downtown Walking Tour to learn more about local facts and figures.
  • All-American Rose Garden. It’s in bloom! Enjoy the beauty of flowers at this inclusion among our spots for outdoor activities in Hattiesburg. You can also observe the interesting hybrids grown among the rose beds at the All-American Rose Garden.
  • Hattiesburg Zoo. At the Hattiesburg Zoo, you can see dozens of unique animals. Even if your legs get tired, there’s a train to ride and a carousel to spin around on.
  • High Ropes Adventure Course at Hattiesburg Zoo. This summer, if you’re looking for an adventurous activity, why not High Ropes Adventure Course at Hattiesburg Zoo? Whether you decide to visit it on your way to the zoo or you want to make a whole day of it, you’re sure to love trying something new. Plus, from high up, you can see views of your fantastic town.

Whichever spots for outdoor activities in Hattiesburg appeal to you, they all have one thing in common: they’re local gems. Another local gem? Summer West Apartments. Whether you want to see our community, tour our apartments, or move in, we can help. Visit our website here or call us at (601) 264-6955 to get started. For more information about local apartment living, you can also check out our blog here.