Hattiesburg Ranks in the Top 5 Mississippi Cities

Hattiesburg ranks in top 5 Mississippi Cities

Mississippi is a wonderful place to live. Known for its beautiful outdoors, welcoming residents, and rich history, it’s called the hospitality state for good reason. Hattiesburg residents know just how amazing it is to live here! Well, it turns out that our great town is actually one of the best in the state. That’s right—Hattiesburg ranks in the top 5 Mississippi Cities. Here’s why—and here’s who else made the list!


Hattiesburg ranks in the top 5 Mississippi cities—and it’s up there on the list too. Our wonderful town is the best of the best! In fact, it’s earned the title of the second-best city in the whole state. The only town that has a higher ranking is Madison.

So, what about the other cities? Brandon comes in third, followed by Clinton. As for the fifth best Mississippi city, that would be Ocean Springs.

How Hattiesburg Made the List

Friendly folks, a great school system, and a fantastic environment—there are plenty of reasons to live in Hattiesburg. After all, it’s earned itself its position in the best of the best in the state.

Still, how exactly were the rankings determined? The study came from www.chamberofcommerce.org,  which collected all the data and tabulated the results using five categories. They are:

  • Quality of life;
  • Employment;
  • Health;
  • Education; and
  • Housing

As you may have guessed, Hattiesburg scored high on all of these! That means residents can rest well, knowing that they call such a great city home.


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