Coming Up: Hattiesburg Restaurant Week 2019

Hattiesburg Restaurant Week 2019

Who’s hungry? Well, good news: Hattiesburg Restaurant Week 2019 is upon us, giving you plenty of delicious options. You can even try out something new every day of the week if you want to! Want to learn more? Whet your appetite with the details of this delicious event.

What is Hattiesburg Restaurant Week 2019?

Hattiesburg Restaurant Week 2019 is part of a recent city tradition. Each year, the event will choose a theme, organizing the week around it. This year, there’s a spooky—yet scrumptious—theme: OctoberFEAST! It revolves around hamburgers—or what the organizers like to refer to as “Hattiesburgers.”

The event will start tomorrow, Oct. 3 and last until Oct. 13. During this time, restaurants who are taking part of the event will serve a special OctoberFEAST-related menu for diners. There will also be Culinary Crawl events, which take place on specific days.

More on Culinary Crawls

If you want to make your week extra special, you could try out one—or all—of the Culinary Crawl Events. They are:

  • Midtown Monday. The first Culinary Crawl Event is on Monday, Oct. 7. It features midtown restaurants like Patio 44 and Brass Hat. Plus, there will be a block party too!
  • New South Restaurant Group. Next comes the New South Restaurant Group. On Oct. 9, restaurants like Mahogany Bar and Purple Parrot will participate in the fun.
  • Down Hattiesburg. Say hello to downtown Hattiesburg—and lots of great food! Places like Southern Prohibition Brewery and BluJazz Café will be cooking up an OctoberFEAST.
  • Hattiesburg Hotels. Hello hotels! The last special event in the Culinary Crawl takes place on Oct. 13. Participating places include the Double Tree and Hilton Garden Inn.

Culinary Crawl events will begin at 5 p.m. on their assigned days. You can buy tickets for $40. Attendees can go from place to place, getting food and a cocktail. However, only people 21 and older can attend! Enjoy!


Starting tomorrow, you can head out and enjoy a fantastic meal at Hattiesburg Restaurant Week 2019. If you’re feeling a bit peckish right now, it’s the perfect time to make something to eat in your Summer West kitchen! Burgers, pancakes, or even a three-course meal—you can do it all in your wonderful Hattiesburg apartment.

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