7 Reasons to Shop Local in Hattiesburg this Holiday Season

Shop Local in Hattiesburg this Holiday Season

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday may be in the rearview mirror, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop shopping locally for the holidays. On the contrary, shopping locally carries many benefits (including for your wallet), which can lead to a healthier, stronger community. Instead of frequenting big-box stores, shop local in Hattiesburg this holiday season. It might surprise you how much this will help the Hattiesburg community.

Buying locally is a boon to business.

Buy local—and it’s more likely that that money will stay local. Locally-owned businesses are more likely to re-invest in the community than their big-box counterparts. These small businesses will buy and sell from one another, stimulating the local economy.

You’ll get more personalized service.

If you shop local in Hattiesburg this holiday season, it’s likely that you’ll receive more personalized service. We cross paths with local businesses, and business owners, every day. They are our neighbors. And this shows in how local businesses treat returning customers, which can quickly grow into friendship.

Your business sparks job growth.

Small local businesses are the largest employers nationally. Your business translates to real dollars and cents wages for workers.

It helps reduce the environmental footprint.

The environment. It matters. Shop local in Hattiesburg this holiday season, and you could help reduce pollution and other effects of our environmental footprint. A shorter supply chain can work wonders in improving conditions across the board.

You have more choices.

Let’s face it, we like to have choices. Having options is a good thing. Shopping locally increases competition, leads to lower prices, and delivers a more enriching shopping experience for us.

Shopping small can lead to big things.

Recent economic research has pointed to the fact that a community with a distinctive character encourages future investment. So, for instance, when you shop local in Hattiesburg this holiday season, local, niche businesses benefit. This could mean stronger tourism in the future, because of Hattiesburg’s unique offerings.

You have more of a voice.

Your voice matters. And businesses know that. Where you shop has influence, and the power of your purse carries a good deal of weight. Based on your buying preferences, you can help shape what gets put on the shelves. Buying locally allows your voice to more readily be heard.


Hattiesburg has got a lot going on, and that’s in part because of its local businesses. Shopping locally in Hattiesburg this season serves you, the consumer, and the community well.

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