In the News: Mississippi Musicians Day Celebration

Mississippi Musicians Day Celebration

There’s something cool about knowing that your favorite musicians call your state home. That’s one of the reasons why Hattiesburg has decided to throw a Mississippi Musicians Day Celebration. If you want to commemorate some marvelous musicians—and of course attend a live performance—then you can pencil this event into your schedule for March 7.

What is the Mississippi Musicians Day Celebration?

So many amazing musical artists hail from the Magnolia State! The Mississippi Musicians Day Celebration seeks to bring attention to them all—and show thanks for their great songs. Because music is a common love for people of all ages, this celebration is open to kids and adults alike.

What can I do at the Mississippi Musicians Day Celebration?

Well, for one, you can watch live performances. Children are welcome to try out fun kid-friendly activities. You can also attend interesting seminars and cool workshops, each of them covering a different subject about Mississippi music.

As for this specific event, get ready for a great show! The roster is full of amazing artists. Visitors can listen to:

  • The Mississippi Musicians Day House Band;
  • John Wooton;
  • The Yazoo City Blues Trio;
  • Vasti Jackson; and
  • Charianna.

Visiting Details

You can count the days until the Mississippi Musicians Day Celebration on one hand. It will be here on March 7, with the workshops, kids’ activities, and seminars kicking off at 10 a.m. They’re free for the public! The live music will begin at 7 p.m. While students can get in for free with valid I.D., tickets for everyone else will cost $20.

The Mississippi Musicians Day Celebration takes place at the Community Arts Center, which is located at 723 Main St. in Hattiesburg.

Famous Mississippi Musicians

Wondering just who you’ll be celebrating? We can’t tell you about the Mississippi Musicians Day Celebration without mentioning a few famous artists from our state. They include groups and performers like:

  • Brandy Norwood;
  • 3 Doors Down;
  • Britney Spears;
  • Jimmy Buffett;
  • Elvis Presley;
  • LeAnn Rimes;
  • Hayley Williams;
  • Soulja Boy;
  • Dorothy Moore;
  • Diplo;
  • Lance Bass;
  • Faith Hill; and
  • B. King.


Hattiesburg is thrilled to throw a Mississippi Musicians Day Celebration—and locals are more than happy to go, too. Showing love and appreciation—that’s just what our community does. After all, another name for Mississippi is the “Hospitality State!”

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