In the News: Sloths at the Hattiesburg Zoo

Sloths at the Hattiesburg Zoo

In the mood for a trip to the zoo? While that’s not doable at the moment, part of the zoo can come to you! You can tune into the sloths at the Hattiesburg Zoo via live cam, which are now receiving quite the round of attention. Good thing they’re just camera slow, rather than shy!

All Eyes on Cute

When sloth watching, things slow down quite a bit. But that might be a blessing for a hectic busy bee schedule. We could all use a lesson in taking our time with things every now and again!

The live stream features Chewy, Mo, and Baby Maple, a cuddly family of Hoffman’s two-toed sloths. Truth be told, Baby Maple will soon be a toddler. Maple turns 2 in only a few months’ time! We won’t say this family lives life a little lazily, but they definitely know how to sit back, relax, and sleep.

How to Hang

You can hang out with the sloths at the Hattiesburg Zoo during any time of day, but you might want to check back at nighttime. Sloths are nocturnal, so they are most active at night. But, being sloths, it’s still a slow go of it even then.

On the live feed, you’ll likely spot the sloths catching up on some Z’s. However, if you’re lucky, you might find them chomping on a snack or dining on leafy greens. Whatever they’re doing, you know it’ll be cute—and like a personalized trip to the zoo!

Speaking of personalized, if you fancy an up-close encounter with this cuddly bunch, you can! Once things return to normal, you can enjoy a special sloth experience with the sloths at the Hattiesburg Zoo. The encounter is 45 minutes of fun that will leave a lasting memory.


Cute and oh-so-cuddly, the sloths at the Hattiesburg Zoo can brighten your day—literally at any time! Take a look into their lives, whenever you please.

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