Local Spotlight: Longleaf Trace

Longleaf Trace

Stepping outside gets us out of the house and into the beauty of nature. If you need a space to run, bike, or simply get back in tune with the earth, you can add a trip to Longleaf Trace to your agenda. Here’s what to expect when you visit this local favorite!

What is Longleaf Trace?

Longleaf Trace is a place where people can exercise. Though it used to be a railroad track, it’s changed a lot since the Rails-to-Trails conservancy project more than 20 years ago. Now, there’s open space where the tracks used to stand, giving visitors the perfect spot to get active. It even stretches on for 44 miles, so you will have plenty of room!

What can I do at Longleaf Trace?

If you visit Longleaf Trace, you’re in for a good time. Visitors can do things like:

  • Run;
  • Walk;
  • Exercise their dogs;
  • Ride horses along the equestrian trails;
  • Fish by the water along the trail;
  • Bike;
  • Attend events (once they are no longer postponed during the spread of COVID-19); and
  • Go camping at the camping stations.

Longleaf Trace also offers bike rentals and repairs. They rent out both comfort and specialty bikes.

Visiting Details

We can almost feel the sun on our faces! If you want to head on over to Longleaf Trace, here’s what you need to know first.

You can find Longleaf Trace at 2895 W. Fourth St in Hattiesburg. It remains open from sunrise to sunset. Please, ensure that all children aged 12 and younger are with a parent or guardian. Additionally, no cars or vehicles running on petroleum may drive on the track. Finally, if you have a dog with you, keep him or her on a leash at all times and pick up after your pup.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is still an important tool to help our community stay healthy. Please, practice social distancing by remaining six feet apart from those who do not live in your household. Additionally, wear a mask when you are outside and consider bringing hand sanitizer with you on your trip. Thank you for protecting us all!


From a railroad to a community trail, Longleaf Trace sure has changed over the years. And to think—it’s here because our town’s residents all care about each other. That’s just the true spirit of Hattiesburg, MS!

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