Local Spotlight: Hattiesburg Pocket Museum

Hattiesburg Pocket Museum

The Hattiesburg Pocket Museum takes the idea of a small town to the next level—and they have the exhibits to match. Intrigued? If you want to see an interesting take on the concept, come visit this teensy-tiny treasure.

What is the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum?

No, it wasn’t struck by a shrink ray—the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum was designed to be that small. It features small exhibits, which change over time. Some of the sections you’ll see were even proposed by members of our town!

Where is the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum?

This is where the mystery starts! As you know, the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum doesn’t follow conventions. In fact, a simple visit requires a good eye and some detective skill. Since the address of the exhibits, which are placed high and low around Downtown Hattiesburg, changes from month to month, it’s not posted online. However, you can see small hints about the locations by zeroing in on photos from the Museum’s Facebook here. Happy hunting!

Safety Reminders

Before you go searching for the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum, we want to bring up a few safety reminders. Please, remember to wear a mask. You can also carry hand sanitizer with you. As you search, stay six feet or further from those not in your household. You should also listen to all state laws and posted signage. Thank you for keeping our community safe and healthy!

Museum Exhibit Hunting Tips

Finally, a few pro tips to make your trip easier! Pack water, some binoculars or a magnifying glass, and a flashlight to make things easier. You can also print out photos or screenshots of the exhibits, so that you can easily compare them to the locations you pass. Additionally, make sure you have a working, well-charged phone so that you can easily find locations. Don’t have a magnifying glass? Turn on the camera of your phone and use it to zero in on exhibits!


Good things come in small packages—like the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum. If you need some entertainment to brighten up your days, you can always go searching for the itty-bitty exhibits. They even vary each month, so you’ll never get tired of what’s in store. We wonder where the newest ones will pop up next!

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