Happening Now: Dinosaurs Around the World in Hattiesburg

Dinosaurs Around the World in Hattiesburg

Personally, we probably wouldn’t want to encounter a dinosaur in real life. We’ve seen too many movies where it didn’t end up so well for the humans involved! Fortunately, you can safely see these incredible creatures at Dinosaurs Around the World in Hattiesburg, MS. So, ditch the time machine and get your tickets for this event today!

What is Dinosaurs Around the World?

Dinosaurs Around the World in Hattiesburg shows off animatronic creatures from way back when! This exhibit is giving its visitors a glimpse at what world the dinosaurs saw, complete with real fossils. You can even learn how the Earth’s continents changed thanks to the climate and plate tectonics, taking us from Pangea to our modern world. They also have a gift shop, so you can find the perfect present for the dino fans in your life.

Visiting Details

Dinosaurs Around the World opened at the end of October 2020 at Hattiesburg’s Lake Terrace Convention Center. The event runs each week, Thursday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., until Jan. 10. You can get your tickets here. They cost $10 per person, and the profits will go towards the Hattiesburg Zoo. Lake Terrace Convention Center is located at 1 Convention Center Plaza in Hattiesburg, MS.

Quick Safety Reminders

Don’t worry—the dinosaurs are animatronic, so you don’t have to be concerned about them! However, we do have a few safety reminders. Please, remember to wear a mask and stay six feet or farther from those not in your household. Additionally, remember to listen to employee direction and posted signage. Last of all, wash your hands thoroughly and consider carrying hand sanitizer. Thanks for keeping our city safe this season!


Haven’t you heard the roars and loud footsteps? T-rexes and triceratops have come to town! See these amazing creatures in action at Dinosaurs Around the World in Hattiesburg, MS.

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