Local Spotlight: The Mississippi Pine Belt

The Mississippi Pine Belt

We bet we can guess what comes to mind when you think of Mississippi trees: our famous pines! In fact, we’re a part of a gorgeous region known as the Mississippi Pine Belt. Want to get to know one of the most quintessential parts of our great state? Follow us on a little exploration of the Pine Belt—no coat or walking shoes needed!

What is the Mississippi Pine Belt?

For years, people have marveled at the Mississippi Pine Belt. This incredible area is home to countless longleaf trees, which enhance the quality of life in our region.  

It’s also in good company! Our state is home to another fantastic forest: the DeSoto National Forest!

Why is the Mississippi Pine Belt so important?

The Mississippi Pine Belt is a critical natural resource. Not to mention, it fuels local wood industries—and our economy. And of course, visitors cannot help but notice the radiant natural beauty of its trees, which can reach more than 100 feet in height.

Over the years, the size of the Pine Belt has diminished—but its impact on the area remains powerful. In place of certain sections, locals built their homes, and created farms, where they could grow other resources. Currently, the Pine Belt remains fairly sizable—and its forest provides a place to live for a ton of cute critters including eastern gray squirrels and white-tailed deer. 

Where is the Mississippi Pine Belt?

As it turns out, the length of the Mississippi Pine Belt is pretty impressive too. It ranges across 36 counties, including ours: Lamar County. Some of the other counties where the trees grow include Jasper County, Covington County, and Forrest County.


The Mississippi Pine Belt is just another reason why life in Hattiesburg, MS is so great. Breathtaking trees, a shelter to animals, and a powerful influence in a strong economy—our adoration for it grows more and more by the day. 

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