Things to Do: Visit the Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art Murals

Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art Murals

Have you seen them? They’re hard to miss! And you won’t want to go past them without a glance either! We’re talking about the Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art murals. Ever since 2014, the organization has brought new works to buildings around the city. They continue to pop up around town, adding vibrancy and joy to Hattiesburg, MS. And don’t worry—if you want to check them out, we’ll tell you how!

More on the Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art Murals

The Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art, or HAPA, makes it possible for local creators to make and display art all across town. Along with VisitHattiesburg, they find and fund artists. They even hold competitions to seek out their next mural makers. Right now, they have requested submissions for their upcoming utility box series.

Where can I find the murals?

There are two approaches the finding the murals made by the HAPA. First, you can simply go in without any knowledge, discovering them as a happy accident when you go through town. Some of us don’t like the wait! If you’d prefer to seek them out, here’s a list of some of the murals and where they’re located:

  • “#WhatLiftsYou” by Kelsey Montague, located at 100 Pine St.;
  • “Ribbons & Wheels” by Heidi Pitre, located at 1607 Hardy St.;
  • “Yellow Brick Road” by Ricardo Moony, located at 825 Main St.;
  • “Let’s Go” by Spence Townsend, located at 1900 Hardy St.;
  • “New Normal” by Andrea Kostyal (the mural pictured in this blog’s header), located at 403 Main St;
  • And more.

You can also see the full list of murals, the public art trail, and the full list of permanent collections here.

How can I support the HAPA?

Investing in local artists offers a win for the whole community. Not only can you do something good, but you’ll also add beauty to our town. Plus, you make it possible for artists to enjoy a rewarding career. Whether you want to help with a sculpture or a mural, you can make a tax-deductible donation here.

You can also support them simply by sharing this blog! Not to mention, if you find a mural, you can always post about it on social media.

Safety Details

Checking out the HAPA murals offers a safe way to explore without a big gathering. Still, the same safety details still apply. Please, remember to follow all relevant mask requirements. You should also practice social distancing, staying six feet away from others. Finally, follow all posted signage. Thanks for ensuring that our community stays healthy!


Next time you’re out and about, keep your eyes peeled for some art! Our city is more beautiful than ever—and it’s thanks in part to the Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art murals. This winter, let these incredible creations add some color to the season!

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