In the News: Giraffes at the Hattiesburg Zoo

Giraffes at the Hattiesburg Zoo

It’s been a busy few months for the Hattiesburg Zoo. Last year, they brought the dinosaurs back. This year, they have two new friends! Soon, you can meet the latest arrivals: the adorable giraffes at the Hattiesburg Zoo. They should step into town some time between spring and summer!

More on the Giraffes

Aw! When you see the giraffes at the Hattiesburg Zoo, you’ll be looking at a mama and her baby. They should join all the critters at the zoo between spring and summer of this year.

If you love these adorable creatures, we have even more good news. The Hattiesburg Zoo aims to welcome a total of six giraffes to their ranks! They plan to start growing the giraffe family by bringing in a male—and eventually, they hope, a couple of newborns!

Other Exciting News

The Hattiesburg Zoo knows all about hustle and bustle. They can’t stay still for long! Not only do they strive for accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, but they also have more updates planned. In fact, they want to add two distinct water exhibits. Those exhibits will offer new spots—separately—for the zoo’s Chilean flamingoes and their alligators.

And the giraffes won’t be the only new residents! With its expanded space, the zoo also wants to introduce other animals, like hyenas.

Visiting Details

Hoping to see the giraffes? Or the prairie dogs? Or even the chinchillas? Visit the Hattiesburg Zoo at 107 S. 17th Ave. Their hours run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday. Children aged 2 and younger can attend for free, while those aged 3 to 12 can get tickets for $6. Attendees aged 13 through 64 can buy tickets for $8. The Zoo also offers senior, college student, and active military discounts, with valid I.D.

Safety Reminders

You know the spiel! Still, let’s review it quickly. The CDC still recommends wearing a mask if you have not received full vaccinations. You should also social distance, staying six feet or farther from those not in your household. Last of all, please listen to all employee direction and posted signage. Thanks for keeping everyone happy, safe, and healthy!


They’re two of a pair! If you can, give your greetings to the giraffes at the Hattiesburg Zoo when they roll into town. We’re sure they’d love the attention—and you’ll enjoy your time out too.

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