Things to Do: Glass Blowing at Mohawk Steel & Glass Co.

Glass Blowing at Mohawk Steel & Glass Co.

Art comes in many forms! From drawing, to painting, to baking, everyone can find a medium that speaks to him or her. And if you’ve ever admired a gorgeous glass piece, now you have the chance to create one. When you take a class on glass blowing at Mohawk Steel & Glass Co., you’ll earn that rare skill. Not to mention, you’ll take home a unique art piece too! Ready to get to work? Want to learn more? Read on to find out more about the business—and the projects you can try.

More on Mohawk Steel & Glass Co.

The creator of Mohawk Steel & Glass Co. has deep roots in town—literally. Jeremy Thomley now owns the family Christmas tree farm, which his grandfather and father ran for decades, starting in 1967. Now, Jeremy and his wife Lindsay operate Thomley’s Christmas Tree Farm & Gift Shop.

They’ve also added a new tradition into the mix: glass blowing at Mohawk Steel & Glass Co. With the help of business partner Daniel Bell, they established the single place in Mississippi allowing folks to make glass-glass blown art. Since they opened, they’ve also been featured on HGTV!

What kinds of pieces can I make?

Nothing about Mohawk Steel & Glass Co. is boring—including the pieces you can make. When bookings open, you can craft things like:

  • Pumpkins;
  • Bowls;
  • Ornaments;
  • Vases;
  • And paperweights.

Glass blowing not your speed? They also offer metalworking classes!

When can I create a glass-blown piece?

Glass has to reach a high temperature when artists work with it. So, it makes sense that Mohawk Steel & Glass Co. functions as a seasonal business. No one wants to deal with furnaces and summer heat!

However, when October rolls back around, you can book a class online here. They tend to offer classes from then to December!

Visiting Details

Spring becomes summer—and summer eventually becomes fall. Then, you can go to Mohawk Steel & Glass Co. at 50 Hegwood Road in Hattiesburg, MS. Once you arrive, you can search through sculptures and find something striking. Or, you can create a piece all your own!


You may have learned all about the crafts your friends have made over the past few months—like making bread from scratch. Later this year, you can tell them all about a cool one they’ve probably never tried: glass blowing at Mohawk Steel & Glass Co. Even if you don’t want to make something yourself, you can always pick out a sculpture or art piece!

Happy living is a work of art! Make Summer West your masterpiece when you apply online through our site. Finally, for more on local spotlights and events, check out our blog here.