Local Spotlight: Hattiesburg Pocket Art Gallery

Hattiesburg Pocket Art Gallery

Last year, we took you through a mini tour of the itty-bitty Hattiesburg Pocket Museum. Well now, it has a new companion in the extra-small art community: The Hattiesburg Pocket Art Gallery. Artists and art fans alike can appreciate the beauty—even if they do need to get out a magnifying glass! Keep reading for more on this terrifically tiny local treasure—and how to see it in person.

A quick refresher on the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum

Before we get into the Hattiesburg Pocket Art Gallery, let’s do a quick refresher on the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum. It features a monthly small pop-up exhibit.

Interestingly enough, it also keeps its locations a mystery! So, residents have had to hunt for clues on the Museum’s Facebook page to find the latest exhibits. If you fancy yourself a sleuth, give it a try!

About the Hattiesburg Pocket Art Gallery

Interesting origins meet classic functionality to create the ultimate crafty experience at the Hattiesburg Pocket Art Gallery. Described as “The Tiniest Art Gallery in Mississippi,” think of it as an art gallery on a miniature scale!

Once, it was a newspaper stand. Now, though, it’s taken on a new medium. And, it operates with a unique strategy too!

You see, our community drew the idea from Stacy Milrany, an artist based in Seattle. She envisioned the concept of a Free Little Art Gallery (FLAG). Those galleries operate like Free Little Libraries.

In other words, if you want to take a piece of art home, you should leave one in the stand. So, whether you like to create, want to trade in a painting for a new one, or you just want to take in the beauty, everyone is welcome!

A quick rundown of the rules

In order to keep the Gallery running, you have a few small rules to follow. They are:

  • Don’t take the furnishings or the mini patrons;
  • Remember to scan the QR code before you pick up or drop off a piece;
  • You can use any medium you want, like collages, paintings, textiles, and more; and
  • Ensure your art is 4” x 6” or smaller.


Already dreaming of redecorating? Come visit the Hattiesburg Pocket Art Gallery. And don’t forget to take pictures, so the creators can see where their work traveled to! Keep up with them on Instagram @hattiesburg_pocket_art_gallery.

Your Summer West apartment will look marvelous with all those mini masterpieces. If you’re still looking for your home sweet home, check out our floor plans, photos, and application info here. Finally, for more local news and spotlights, browse our blog.