In the News: Midtown Green Park in Hattiesburg

Midtown Green Park in Hattiesburg

Why is it that we’re always thinking of going ice-skating in the summer, only to dream about running around outside in the winter? Well, you have good reason to look forward to the future! Thanks to an impressive grant from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, locals will soon have a fun new place to gather outside. Excited already? Read on for more details about the upcoming Midtown Green Park in Hattiesburg near Crestmont Avenue.

About Midtown Green Park in Hattiesburg

Midtown Green Park in Hattiesburg will ensure that everyone can enjoy the great outdoors at their 4.2-acre park. One of its most important additions is an inclusive-accessible playground.

Other incredible draws await, including:

  • A performance stage;
  • Site furniture;
  • A walking trail;
  • Outdoor exercise stations; and
  • Spots for picnics.

More on the funding

Our state really invests in its residents—literally! In fact, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks gave the creators of Midtown Green Park an impressive $500,000 grant in November.

The 1 percent sales tax generated by the department of Parks and Recreation will also help out. As for additional costs, the Forrest County Board of Supervisors will shoulder what is necessary.

Visiting details

You still have some time until the new park opens. They aim to begin construction in the summer of 2022. If you ever want to check out the progress, they’ll be building the park in the heart of Midtown Hattiesburg with the primary entrance off Crestmont Avenue.

Worried about finding a place to leave your car? Already planning your trip? The project aims to add more parking spaces to the area. The University Baptist Church will also offer additional parking possibilities.


Spending time outside doesn’t just make us happy. It also gives us a chance to make new friends—and new memories. Midtown Green Park in Hattiesburg will give Hattiesburg residents an additional opportunity to get outside—adding to the quality of life in our area!

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