Coming Soon: Mo’Bay Beignet Co. Hattiesburg

Mo'Bay Beignet Co. Hattiesburg

Get ready to get dusted, Hub City! Mo’Bay Beignet Co. Hattiesburg is coming, and the powder sugar will soon be flying!

What to know

Mo’Bay Beignet Co. Hattiesburg will be the second franchise location for the pastry coffee shop founded in Mobile, AL. Overall, it will be the fifth brick and mortar café to join this growing brand.

According to a recent Facebook post, what began as a request to help paint a menu board for a new business became something more.

The post goes on to share the story of how Mo’Bay Beignet Co. founder Jaclyn Robinson reached out to Morgan Whitehead to paint the menu board, which she did.

Then Morgan asked if she could be a more permanent part of the team.

Now, two years later, Morgan will go from Mo’Bay Beignet’s first team member to the second franchise owner! The first franchise location opened in Auburn in March 2021.

More about Mo’Bay Beignet

Not familiar with Mo’Bay Beignet Co.?

Specializing in handmade, hand-rolled and deep-fried puff pastries known as beignets, Mo’Bay takes this family recipe next level with more family recipes. Going beyond the traditional powdered sugar, Mo’Bay beignets are served with your choice of homemade buttercream, cinnamon or seasonal syrups.

The good news is you can buy the syrups by the jar and enjoy a little Mo’Bay sweetness at home too! They make the perfect topping for waffles, pancakes and ice cream, just to name a few sweet ways to treat yourself.

Of course, the pastry shop serves fresh-brewed coffee, chicory and café au lait as well.


Mo’Bay Beignet Co. Hattiesburg will be located at 2902 Hardy St., which is good news for the University of Southern Mississippi students, staff and faculty. It’s right across the street!

Don’t forget to find them on Facebook so you can stay up-to-date with the location’s progress and more. Currently, they are hoping for a late Spring opening.


As for Summer West residents, you may not be across the street from Mo’Bay Beignet Co., but you will be less than two miles away. In the meantime, keep things sweet by reading our other blogs!