In the News: Smalls Sliders in Hattiesburg

Smalls Sliders in Hattiesburg

There’s a new cheeseburger place set to slide into the Hub City sometime soon. Smalls Sliders in Hattiesburg will be one of several new franchise locations for the Baton Rogue-based burger joint.

Smalls Sliders

A local group of owners, known as BGK Burgers, plans to open Smalls Sliders in Hattiesburg as the first of many. In fact, the group will eventually open seven total locations in South Mississippi and Alabama.

An exact location or opening date for Smalls Sliders in Hattiesburg has not been released. A good way to be in the know for such things would be to connect with corporate’s social media pages. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

More about Smalls Sliders

Smalls Sliders is a big idea based on a simple concept. The first location opened in Baton Rouge in 2019. They serve cooked-to-order premium sliders from a drive-thru with a “hyper-focus” on customer service and guest interaction.

There are now two locations in the Baton Rogue area and one in Thibodaux with several more coming soon—including the one in Hattiesburg. Other locations announced on the website as “coming soon” include Shreveport, Slidell and Prairieville.

The menu

Did you know a slider is an American term for a mini burger? Typically, they are around 2 inches across and made on a small bun. At Smalls Sliders, they are “obsessed” with making the perfect cheeseburger slider for every guest.

You can even make it a “Biggie Smalls” with double the meat and double the cheese. Plus, you can make it a combo with waffle fries and a drink. Top it off something sweet like a vanilla, chocolate or cookies and cream milkshake. Click here to see the full menu that is “simple on purpose.”


While you wait for the arrival of Smalls Sliders in Hattiesburg, you can practice making sliders of your own in your Summer West kitchen! Not a resident? Contact us today to find out about upcoming availability. Get your fill ofcommunity news by reading our blogs!