In the News: French-Themed Bakery Coming to Hattiesburg

French-themed bakery coming to Hattiesburg

Say bonjour to this new French-themed bakery coming to Hattiesburg. Brought to you by two of Mississippi’s top culinary masters, this pastry shop is set to open by late summer or early fall.

About the new French-themed bakery

The new French-themed bakery coming to Hattiesburg will bring the sweet tastes of France straight to you without even having to leave town. Restaurant owner Robert St. John and pastry chef Martha Foose have teamed up to create this bakery, and are both fired up about it.

St. John publicly announced the new pastry shop, Piney Woods Bakery, on social media at the beginning of July. They will serve all the classics, including croissants, homemade breads, cakes, and sweet rolls. In addition to this, they will also offer coffee, home-meal replacements, and donuts through a drive-through window!

The bakery will be located at 3207 Hardy Street in Midtown Hattiesburg. This area is where St. John has planted his feet with his many other restaurants that now trail our community.

Robert St. John

Restaurateur Robert St. John is one of Hattiesburg’s most renowned restaurant owners. Along with this new project, St. John owns nine other culinary locations. For more than 30 years, he has been the owner of The Crescent City Grill, Mahogany Bar, Tabella, Ed’s Burger Joint, The Midtowner, El Rayo, and more.

From seafood to Italian to Mexican and everything in between. There is no question he knows exactly what he is doing.

Martha Foose 

A Mississippi Delta native, Martha Foose has partnered with St. John to bring this bakery to life. From working at La Brea Bakery in Los Angeles to attending École Lenôtre Baking School in Paris, France to then opening multiple bakeries, she has done it all. It comes as no surprise that Foose is known for her expertise in French pastries and cookbooks.

Foose’s cookbook, “Screen Doors and Sweet Tea,” won the James Beard Award, while another one of her cookbooks, “A Southerly Course,” has won praise worldwide. Furthermore, she is recognized as one of the most acclaimed food writers and pastry chefs in America.


 This French-themed bakery coming to Hattiesburg has us convinced there is no better place to live. Looking to make Hattiesburg your home and enjoy all these tasty places? Contact Summer West today to ask about our upcoming availabilities! Continue to stay up to date on news and local events by reading more of our blogs.