Coming Soon: Loblolly Bakery

Loblolly Bakery

Before long, the scent of freshly-baked breads and pastries will guide you to the sweetest little spot in Midtown Hattiesburg. Loblolly Bakery should be opening for business soon!

About Loblolly Bakery

Like good bread, Loblolly Bakery in Hattiesburg has taken time to rise. In fact, we first talked about this French-themed bakery coming to Hattiesburg last summer, before it had a name!  According to reports, the from-scratch bakery is the result of a perfect pairing. Local restaurateur Robert St. John and award-winning cookbook author Martha Foose, along with her husband Donald Bender, teamed up to bring a new kind of bakery and pastry shop to town.

Are you wondering what could be so different? Everything!

For starters, it “all starts with a sack of flour” and goes from there, Foose stated. All the fresh-baked goods and products made at Loblolly Bakery start with quality, natural ingredients. However, one expected ingredient at a bakery is one that won’t be overly used here—sugar.

In fact, to get a better idea of the “not overly sugary” baked goods to come from Loblolly, check out this Instagram post!

More about Loblolly Bakery

Guests can expect all the typical bakery items at Loblolly Bakery and then some. There will be all kinds of breads, pastries, muffins, cookies, cakes and pies, plus take-home goods like cheese straws and casseroles.

Southern ingredients will also be featured in several unique signature items, such as butter pecan eclairs and sugar-lump biscuits.

While we don’t have a specific opening date, we do know the official countdown is on, and Loblolly Bakery is running a “Free Pastries for a Year” contest in the meantime. Be sure to connect with the upcoming bakery on Facebook and Instagram to find out how to enter and more!


Follow the delicious smells to Loblolly Bakery at 3207 Hardy St., which is less than two miles from Summer West Apartments.

Do you know what that means? You can warm up with fresh-brewed coffee and a buttery, flaky croissant or one of those butter pecan eclairs after about a six-minute drive.


One thing is clear, Loblolly Bakery is one more thing that proves good things come to those who wait! But if you are waiting for the perfect residence, the wait could be over with us! Contact us to ask about availability. Keep yourself entertained while you are waiting for the bakery’s opening day by reading our blogs.